It’s Been a While, WordPress

As the title implies, holy hell I’ve been absent for quite some time. Ummm… I reckon I might need to do a quick recap on my life, but that will come shortly and probably in mini-episodes as I have to think about over a year’s worth of events.

Why the sudden reappearance? Well, I recently celebrated my 28th birthday and I decided to do a “birthday resolution.” I figured writing again would help keep my brain running as smoothly as possible, and it would serve as a place to store memories should I ever go crazy and lose them (that is a semi-possible way my life can go).

I currently work as a Korean interpreter and have two pediatric appointments tomorrow  morning (one for the ENT surgical unit and the other for nephrology); I have my stage four lung cancer patient in the afternoon. I should probably head to bed since I now have some semblance of responsibility in my life. And my boyfriend also is calling for me to come to bed too.

Ah yes, I also managed to find a nice guy who thought I was cool enough to date (we’ve been together for over a year now). I’m sure I’ll write about him plenty~

It’s nice to be back. I suppose I should re-download the WordPress app on my phone to keep me busy while waiting in hospital rooms. It certainly beats watching  “The View.” How the hell is that mess running in EVERY waiting room?! Fuck me! That shit is always around me like a gypsy fucking curse.

The real reason I’m back:

Writing keeps my mental health in check. I go ape shit when I don’t have a place to vent. One can imagine how I’ve fared over the last year…

I’ve been okay because I have skin thicker than a catcher’s mitt. 

An End and a Return

So it’s finally happening: the last class I ever have to fucking take, cellular biology lab. Dude. I’m stoked.

And I’ve also decided to go back to rowing. I talked to my old coach about joining Baltimore Rowing Club (BRC). He sent me a sign up sheet for open practice and some group called the Super Pack. I’m waiting to get the approval of the Super Pack to join their elite posse.

I looked at the roster… I’d be the youngest person… by ten years. The oldest rower is 67, but she’s a legend, as are all of the other rowers.

I’ve been to my share of scrimmages and regattas, and those people have kicked ass and taken names. I remember they were carrying their racing shell down to the dock and some university-aged rowers were laughing and pointing. The BRC rowers stopped, looked at those kids, and said, “We’re gonna walk up on you [pass you during a race].” And they did. I have an immense amount of respect for those old geezers.

The boats BRC uses are a bit different from the ones UMBC does. I’ve only coxed stern-loaders (the coxswain sits in the stern of the boat and can see all of the rowers). BRC only has bow-loaders for the 4+ rowing shells. That means I’ll sit in the bow and see only open water in front of me. I don’t know anything about bow-loaders. How will I know who’s fucking up if I can’t see my rowers? Steering and docking is gonna seem whack because… I dunno, things will seem ass backwards. I’m scared. Jose, the ace coxswain, said we could talk about all that shit over dinner.

I reckon I’ll have to act “normal” the first few times I meet everyone. I’ll have to let the silly/goofy/crazy out of the bag slowly.

Mitch’s Birthday and Knob Creek

He turned 26 on March 31st. I made him a card and a bunch of origami stars that glow in the dark. I had originally made some stars that were rainbow colored and put them on a string… they turned out looking SUPER gay. “I like cute gay shit in very moderate amounts.”

He said he liked the stars anyway and put them around his neck. “Looks like I’m going to a gay bar.”

I also cracked open that bottle of Knob Creek finally.

Alex, Rachel, and I all took shots to getting over people from the past.

Hello Jess, I’m glad you’ve returned.