I got the new Pokemon Go app. I’m fucking addicted.

This shit is great. It’s getting everyone out of the house and bonding over nerdy shit. The coffee shop I work at is overrun with gamers trying to catch Pokemon (it’s a Pokestop and there’s an unusual amount of Bulbasaur around)… and then they buy iced drinks to keep cool in the summer heat. I like it. People will be skinny in no time, and the nerdy/gamer folks with social anxiety will be able to talk to other Pokemon trainers about… nerdy/gamer shit.

My roommate Pat and I went to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor yesterday searching for Pokemon. It was crazy. Everyone was whipping his/her phone out and talking to others playing the game. “Go to the USS Constellation for Tentacruel and Doduo!” “I found a Dratini by the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse!” …amazing.

And closer to home… I go to a rather nerdy university and there’s only one Pokemon Gym on campus… right between the engineering and information technology buildings. Just imagine all of the geeky kids in high school deciding to go to the same college and taking over the campus… And then a turf war breaking out to see which team will rule. Right now the gym is owned by Team Mystic.

Pat: Pick Team Instinct or go extinct, amirite?

Me: *mumbles*… big dick Mystic.

Paulo: You picked team Mystake?

Also, for anyone in the DC area… There’s a Blastoise in the Department of Justice building. Good luck getting in.

One thought on “Pokemon Go FUCK YOURSELF

  1. My teenage son is going nuts over this!
    As a parent(and an observer), I can’t help but watch in awe at how the makers Niantic are pure genius in re-marketing and evolving a cult classic game back to life!
    But I offer this advice, as I have to my son, pay attention to your surroundings before you go rushing to capture Pokemon! Don’t get run over! 🙂 (Sorry! Once a mom, always everyone’s mom!)

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