Movie Quote Monday: Meet Joe Black

I’m very fond of movie quotes. My brother and I like to play a game where we say a quote and the other has to guess which movie it’s from. I take a liking to anyone who can play the game well. Here’s a good one from Meet Joe Black.

It nice it happen to you. Like you come to the island and had a holiday. Sun didn’t burn you red-red, just brown. You sleep and no mosquito eat you. But the truth is, it bound to happen if you stay long enough. So take that nice picture you got in your head home with you, but don’t be fooled. We lonely here mostly too. If we lucky, maybe, we got some nice pictures to take with us.

And the real heart breaker…

Susan: Tell me that you love me. Tell me that you love me now.

Joe: I love you now. I’ll love you always. Susan.

Susan: Yes?

Joe: Thank you for loving me.

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