This Monday Sucked So Hard

A girl from the crew team just tried to commit suicide in my apartment.

Holy fuck. What the shit?

She sent me a message:

She told me on Thursday that she had been having suicidal thoughts so I kept an eye on her. I invited her over on Friday night to watch The Walking Dead; she seemed fine.

As soon as I saw her message I told Alex to get his car and drive down to her dorm so we could pick her up.

We got her back to my apartment and I talked to her a bit in private on the stairs to calm her down. After she seemed all right, we went upstairs to where Alex, Abe, Tyler, and Derek were chilling out.

We were all talking when Sarah laid down. I didn’t think anything of it. She sat up a few minutes later and said, “Jess, I need to tell you something.”

I took her to my room. And then she dropped the bomb on me.

I took a bunch of sleeping pills before I came here.

Get to the bathroom and throw up. I’ll be right back, sweet pea.

I took her to the bathroom and then sprinted to the living room to tell Alex to call 911.

Paramedics, the police, and the community director on-duty showed up on my doorstep within five minutes. They collected Sarah and questioned the rest of us.

 How many pills did she take? I don’t know. Did she drink any alcohol? I think so. Has she been under a lot of stress lately? Yes. Is she violent? NO!

I don’t know why she reached out to me. I don’t know her well; I couldn’t say what her favorite color or food is. I didn’t even spend all that much time with her when I was still on the crew team. I just asked her how she was doing for the most part, fair weather friend chit chat. I think… I think she just needed to talk to someone who was detached from her life, but was still nice to her.

I guess I’m not always an asshole.

I’m glad she reached out. I’m glad she told me she took those pills. I’m glad she’s alive.

Holy fucking shit. This Monday sucked.

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