Be Nice to the Bartender

I think I’ve reached the “regular” status at Max’s Taphouse. I don’t need to show my ID to Chuck (the bouncer/doorman), and the bartenders recognize my face and know my go-to drinks.

Tim is my favorite bartender. He’s quiet but says pretty funny shit if you pay attention to his hushed words. I told him about the off-duty stripper:

Tim: Oh I would’ve had fun with that. You should’ve asked what she did for a living.

Me: She’d probably tell me her day job.

Tim: Then you could ask if she likes to dance. Ask if she does ballet or…something more exotic.

Between the two of us (I went out with Kelsey), the tab came out to… $19.11. We were drinking heavily and the mixed drinks packed a punch. Tim doesn’t skimp on the alcohol; I like that about him. He must’ve given us a few drinks for free. I think he’s sweet on Kelsey.

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