Trump and Cox

I went to crew practice this morning for the first time in a long time. I stopped coxing for the team. The quick and dirty: there was a lot of bullshit from the women’s side of the team that Alex, Emre, and I decided we didn’t want to handle anymore (I cox for the men’s novice eight boat so, with the exception of the locker rooms, I’m always with the dudes). Unfortunately for the team, the three of us are the most experienced coxswains, so they’re REALLY fucked for this semester. Coxswains steer, motivate the rowers, and call out orders; we’re essentially the brains of the boats.

Anyhow, I had dinner with some of my teammates last night (Korean food), and they said I should come to practice to teach the newbies a thing or two. I had no intention of going at the time so I had some wine… and then tipsy-warm-and-fuzzy Jess decided to text Mom (Coach Nicole) and tell her I’d be at the boathouse, dark and early.

I had forgotten how much I like being on the water when it’s quiet. Well, it’s not quiet while I’m barking orders, but I always take the time to walk out on the dock to look at Baltimore’s lights before practice starts. It’s calming and blocks out a good deal of mental stress. I don’t think I’ve felt that tranquil in a long while.

As for the new rowers… They had a sharp learning curve this morning, but I think they’ll get the timing, form, and power all under control in no time. I see potential, and that’s a good thing.

I also saw Loyola’s crew team, snooty as ever. I bet they all vote Trump.

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