Hell and Booze

I think it’s funny I usually go to hell on Sundays. And by “hell” I mean work.

Jesus Christ, I feel utter dislike  when I’m finished with a shift (hate is too strong of a word because I don’t care enough to hate anyone there). There’s a real bitch who works with me though. Can’t stand that hoe. She’s a real labia shriveler. I met her dad today… I have no idea how a nice, funny man like him could produce such a twat rocket. My money’s on the mother being a cunt.

On the bright side, I started earning tips. I think it’s because I got about $45 from all the old Korean patrons who didn’t speak a lick of English. I think they felt at home when I started blabberin in 한글. Fuckin’ A.

Downside: I haven’t been paid in about a month. I almost went apeshit until the manager told me she sent mine in the mail. I guess I get groceries this week. I might even have enough for a few drinks this weekend. My sister Kelsey is gonna visit; I’m stoked.

Last week she got me hammered on beer, rum, and hot sake in the city. The sake came with our sushi. Observe:


I tried to write “smooch ’ems,” but I was already gone by the time we got to RA.

And the person I was texting was a chick.

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