Leap of Faith

It’s like taking a leap of faith off the edge of a cliff.

Everybody jumps. Maybe they don’t take a running start. Some may toe the edge, looking at the chasm below. Some may hang onto that edge, grasping fingers slipping, crying out in terror. But there’s something great over that edge.

Why are they scared if there’s something great?

Because… the ground isn’t what’s great and that’s a constant. The ground is pain and agony and certain death, much like how falling off a real cliff is.

Then what’s the good thing?

Sometimes…sometimes… something catches you. And you don’t hit the bottom. Something will catch you and maybe it’ll help you land softly. But my, oh my… those of us who haven’t jumped can sometimes see the people who have leapt soaring off into the horizon, far from the earth.

You still haven’t told me what the great, good thing is.

You have to jump to find out.

Have you… gone over the ledge…?


What was it like?

It was like… Like falling from grace… Nothing caught me.

But falling is an accident.

Ah… but I dove.

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