Date Night: Tall Dude and Korean BBQ

I went on a date yesterday.

We ate at a Korean BBQ place and went back to my place for yogurt soju, made it myself. Alex was there so we all drank together. It’s the first time Alex has ever really met anyone I’ve dated. They got along pretty damned well, and my date didn’t think my kid brother and I were weird.

My date. His name is Gabe. He’s super tall, 6’5″, and was accepted into a masters program at Johns Hopkins for some computer curriculum (he’s a software engineer), so I reckon he’s pretty smart. Gabe is also very smiley. And cute. I was a goner when he picked me up for our date.

I’m not really sure how long the three of us hung out, but Alex eventually went home. I was a little unsure of what would happen with just the two of us in my apartment. So I went to my go-to “new guest in the house” plan: I made some fuckin’ strong margaritas and got the both of us schwasted.

Good ol’ tequila took away the edge and the awkward silences, but he was too drunk to drive back home. He tried to sleep on my sofa, but that piece of shit is just a tad too small for someone my height, and I’m only 5’7″. I felt bold… so I told him to cuddle me. I guess he was feeling bold too because he straight up took off his shirt and jeans before hopping into bed with me. “HEY! NO FUNNY BUSINESS, YA HEAR?!”

He wrapped his super long arms around my torso, pulled me towards him, and giggled, “Hee hee, okay.” Then he popped a boner. Still got it.

His feet still hung off the end of my bed.

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