Snow Day Wishes

I was supposed to have an exam today, but it’s snowing and the higher ups of the university have decided to close down the school. This is the wrath of Washington’s spirit; he wants us to have Presidents’ Day off, so he sent a few flurries.

Snow days are nice. I can goof off with no bra on, eat popcorn and watch movies all day… I just wish I could have cuddly time too during all of that. I guess that’s an everyday wish, to be honest. If I could have sex everyday, I think I would. I have the libido of a sixteen year old boy with no access to porn.

I just listen to music when I need to calm the fuck down. I think the title of this song is fitting. Korean rapper. I like it. And people wonder why I always have my earbuds in or around my ears alla time.

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