When Did It Happen?

Sam: Do you know the exact moment?

Me: I’m pretty sure it was when he came over when I was sick. He made me grilled cheese and tomato soup FROM SCRATCH!

Sam: You and your fucking grilled cheeses. You know you can’t have dairy on the paleo diet, right?

Me: Yeah, it blows.

Sam: Well you haven’t started yet… Want a grilled cheese? 

Me: I don’t fall in love with every person who makes me sammiches, Samuel! And it’d take a lot more outta your ass to make me fall hard for you!

Sam: You never know!

Me: Fuck you. I’m making chicken teriyaki and rice, and you’re gonna eat some with me.

I like having company when I can’t sleep. It has now been 24 hours since I’ve had a complete REM cycle.

I’m envious of Sam’s slumber… I’m gonna wake him up now.

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