Convincing Me

I got into a fight with Sam while we were hanging out. I stomped around Baltimore so I wouldn’t say something I regretted. I hope he regrets what he said today… Calling me “emotional and hopeless.” Fucker.

My storming off probably didn’t help my case of “I’m not emotional and helpless, you twat!”

Me: How long have you been following me?

Sam: An hour.

Me: What the hell…?

Sam: I waited until you got cold… I thought it’d make it easier to convince you to get in the car.

Me: I’ll wait for the damned bus.

Sam: If my car gets a ticket while I’m talking to you like this, you’re paying for it

Me: …I’ll get in the car.

Some Korean Thoughts

사랑은 돌아오는거야.

안 돌아오도… 사랑할거야.

돌아오기전에 나 지옥에 빠져 있을 거다.

그 사랑만 기억하면… 살수있어.


I don’t recommend putting the ching chong stuff into Google translate… It really fucks up the meaning because Korean has different syntax structure from English and is an agglutinative language.

Just know they’re pretty words of affection.

Anyway… onward and downward to hell.

Fire Rock On

The Lex Luthor

Abe: I call this drink “The Lex Luthor!”

Me: Why? Because it’s bad? Haha!

Abe: No! Because you gon’ get so drunk off this shit I’ll be able to shave your ass bald and you STILL won’t wake up!

I don’t even remember what was in that drink. I remember that we had a lot of them, and that it was sweet. Like Abe.

Abe and the Ion Machine.PNG
Abe is the only black dude in the photo (second from the left). Not only is this kid a sweetheart, but he’s also incredibly smart. This is a picture of him and his team working on a machine that can image and treat cancer with ion beams.