Ow, Fuck!

I haven’t had a menstruation cycle in nearly three years. I’d almost forgotten the way my insides feel like skewered, roasted meat.

I just popped 2500mg of acetaminophen. Before I was implanted with Nexplanon, I would take Percocet for the pain. My prescription ran out, and now I have to take over-the-counter pussy pills instead of my sweet, sweet narcotics.

Apart from the crampage caused by what feels like mini soldiers with fixed bayonets wreaking havoc on my uterus, I’m all right. I’ve never had mood swings or witnessed that one scene from The Shining coming rushing out of my vag.

PMS is a myth women made up so they could get away with being bitches for a week out of the month. They need to do everyone a favor and get laid… Or fingerbang themselves. Shit.

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