Fat People Hobbies

I’ve gotten really fat.

The only way I get skinny is if I guilt trip myself into shape. I write down every goddamned thing I eat, look it over at the end of the day, and mentally shred myself to bits every time I see junk food. It’s a really good system.

So yes, that is exactly what I’ve done this morning with breakfast.

As for exercise… I should pick up swimming again. It gave me a hard body, and I’d like to have that again. One of my teammates, Derek, said he’d box with me and take me to the weight room as long as I’m his hype man. I can do that.

Derek and I. I think he was eating something.

My buddy Pat told me I should have three hobbies: one should get your creative juices flowing, another should make you money, and the last should keep you in shape. He said blacksmithing can do all three. Pat makes armor in his house.

Whatever. At least this “I should stop drinking” stint I’m going through will help me shed the weight.

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