A New Vice

I went out with my sister Timi last night. I’m pretty damned broke right now, so I took an adult-sized sippy cup of wine out to the bars. I drank most of it in the car, so we drove with the windows down. Minorities in a decent car in Baltimore get pulled over for the stupidest shit; the last thing we needed was for someone to smell the wine radiating from my cup and face.

Despite my pauper status, I managed to purchase a couple shots of tequila and swindle a few from guys with thick wallets. How attention-hungry these men must be to pay for a fleeting glance and a slight touch on the arm. Shit. I’m not even that pretty and I certainly didn’t suit up: I wore jeans, a geeky genetics shirt, and running shoes. The nice thing about Timi is she doesn’t judge and she won’t leave me alone at a bar…unless if there’s dancing. She let me rake in all of the drinks.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so inebriated. I do enjoy my alcohol, but I typically ride the buzz and stay coherent, particularly when I’m hosting in my apartment. Last night I lost connection with the world. I didn’t care about anything as long as I had a glass of liquid courage in my hand. It was just me and the glass, and I liked that.

I need a new thing to be absorbed into. I talked it over with my brother, Alex.

So yeah… No more drinking for the time being.

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