They Knifed Him

There was a stabbing right outside of my apartment yesterday. A courthouse and police station are located within a hundred yards of my place of rest. There was a dispute in court (because no one ever goes to those hell holes for a nice cup of tea and biscuits).

When both parties left, a grey Mercedes followed a truck into the lot outside my building. The truck driver got out of his car to talk to the folks in the Mercedes, and then the Mercedes fellas jumped out and stabbed Truck Dude in the face and neck.

That was one hell of a way to start the morning.

A few of the police officers saw me rubber necking from my window and waved me down for questioning. I told them about the hollering I heard and asked if Stabby-Stabby man would be okay. They’re not sure; in my unprofessional opinion, that guy is fucked. His face looked like crushed grapes.

That’s some shit. Baltimore living, folks.

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