Abe’s Perspective 

I just spoke with my kid brother, Abe

I feel a lot better. He put shit into perspective for me.

I told him how I was a bad person for seeing a nice guy when I’m still sorta hung up on someone. 

It’s good that you’re not just pining after Michael. You’re not sad just because he’s not here. You’ve got some introspection going and you’re looking at how your actions are affecting other people. If you need time for yourself, like you need some isolation time, that’s not a bad thing to ask for.

And that’s what made me snap out of the funk. 

Michael said he needed to figure out his life, take time for himself. And that’s not a bad thing. What’s bad is my crying over being left behind. He needs to take care of himself because no one else will. 

I feel ashamed for wanting him to talk with me when he’s probably working hard to better himself. He doesn’t need distractions.

As for this new, nice guy… If he’s really a good person, he won’t be upset if you take some time for yourself. 

I want to be a good person. I’ll try not to be too upset.

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