Memory Backup Failed

I dropped my phone in the harbor today. I was coxing the men’s eight boat down to the dock. There’s step down that I usually shine a light on so the men don’t trip with a 300 pound boat on their shoulders. My mobile slipped from my hand. Clunk, clunk, splash. Fuck my life. I knew it was gone.

Me: Guys, I dropped my phone in the water. Watch your step today.

Emre: Wow, you’re surprisingly calm about all this.

I tried to keep my cool while we were rowing, but man… I was super blue.

All of those memories. I had a shit ton of photos on my phone that I would occasionally look through when I felt sad.

They’re gone.

It’s a good thing I have a great memory.

Fuck it. I’m gonna say it.

I want the photos of Michael back.

I have half a mind to jump into the harbor for my phone so I can get my SIM card back.

There’s a fisherman who always stands on the dock. Perhaps I can pay him to fish my iPhone out of the murky depths.

I’d pay a heavy price for those memories.

6 thoughts on “Memory Backup Failed

  1. I’ve dropped a phone (by which I mean three phones) in the marina where we live, a lot of other people have too but there’s no point going in after them because they won’t drop straight down, they’ll float off a bit before they hit the bottom and then can move more as the tides move. Also, pictures aren’t stored on the SIM card, that only stores contacts (and only then, only if you had the phone set to save contacts to the SIM rather than just the phone) so you’d only be able to retrieve the photos off a SD card but iphones don’t have expandable memory…
    Any chance you’re pictures backed up to a cloud server?-


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