Bliss and Agony

I once met a man who was quite the player. We were in a similar line of work that required a measure of aloofness. No attachments, only cold calculations so our clients could succeed in the dating arena.

He was a far better coach than me; I think it had to do with the fact he had refined his techniques by his own hand. He was a cold son of a bitch.

He had his heart broken. It was a very harsh trauma. I think that was the fiery crucible that changed him.

I suppose you’ve never been in love then?

No, Jess. I have. And it was…shattering. I once lost a girl I loved. That pain… I wrecked my car, tore up my possessions, the ass whooping of my life couldn’t have driven that feeling from my gut. These guys, they want to get laid, and that’s good and well, but I doubt they’ll do what I did after I lost her. If they’re not smashing shit after losing a woman, they don’t know the bliss and agony of giving up everything for love.

…you still miss her?

Every damned day, Jess.

I think about that conversation a lot.

Please God, don’t let that be me.

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