Bad Habits

When I find out someone has a crush, I tend to make fun of the crush-er to the point of humiliation. I don’t care how attractive, funny, awesome, etc… the crush-ee is. I like to think of this extreme teasing as a test of devotion.

I make really insensitive remarks. But I really wanna know why blind people walk their dogs so often.

I’m easily entertained, but I lose interest quickly. If I find a person intriguing for longer than three months, I’m keeping him/her forever.

I like to go to sports events mostly to heckle the other team’s fans.

If I open a bottle of wine I have a severe need to drink all of it. This is similar to my need to catch up to the car in front of me when I’m driving on the highway.

And I think, when I find those people who make it through my three month trial phase, I put everything on the line for them. I’d set myself on fire to keep them warm. I should really stop that…

But as Ray Bradbury’s book begins… It was a pleasure to burn.


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