Lunch Conversation: We Fuck

I was eating an old, shitty buffalo chicken wrap when my buddy Robbie sat down to join me. He’s a good kid. Smart, funny, tans gorgeously, tall, muscled, and incredibly gay.

While we were eating, one of my regulars at the gym, Raymond, stopped to chat with me. He had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma so I confided in him when I found out I may also have cancer; he checks in on me to make sure I’m okay. Did I mention he’s a sweetheart?

Anyhow, I thought Robbie might be crushing on Raymond so I figured I’d poke a little fun at him.

Robbie: Jess, how do you know Raymond?

Me: We fuck.

I found out Robbie’s hard to read. Couldn’t tell if he was jealous or not. Or maybe he knows who I share my bed with. He did pretty much live across the hall from me.

Robbie: 1, Jess: 0

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