If I Were a Man for a Day

I think I’d do random shit… like walk around topless in public with no shame.

And piss EVERYWHERE. Potted plant? Yeah. Hideous curtains. Yes! The car door handle of someone who parked like shit? ABSOLUTELY!

I’d also lie, cheat, and steal to get my dick sucked to see what the big deal is. I’d take notes on what felt good so when I went back to the land of vagina-possession I’d be a god among women.

A few other things I’d try to understand/master:

  • Ball adjusting
  • Morning wood
  • Really weird social norms expected of dudes, like having to win fights or being called a pussy
  • Getting kicked in the balls so I can finally understand the horror
  • Working out super hard to see if I actually get horny
  • Experiencing the snubbing/rejection of online dating (I hear dudes have it rough)

3 thoughts on “If I Were a Man for a Day

    1. Oh wow, you’re a sweetheart. Thank you 🙂 A light in the darkness…? That sounds a bit ominous, m’dear. If you ever want to get something off your chest/chat/shoot the shit, you can always shoot me an email. I’m not too shabby of a listener (reader in this case). Take care, lovely.

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