Results Are In…Sorta

My doc left a message for me while I was getting ready for the day.

I need more tests.

There are a few options as to why I need to have more metal instruments shoved up my vag:

  1. My primary physician is unaware that that I had the biopsy already and is trying to set up another appointment. Fat chance; you can look that up in CHCSII or AHLTA, the online medical file programs the military uses.
  2. The people at the lab fucked up or lost the specimen and need another sample. It happens.
  3. They found something bad and want to run the tests again because they’re in denial. Shit happens.

I’ve worked in hospitals for several years. I’ve seen all of the above. 

I just don’t like that he used the phrase “discuss the options.” That makes me feel like my stomach is gonna fall outta my ass… Or my lady bits slip out from between my legs.

Whatever man.

I guess I’ll just have to white knuckle it for a little while longer.

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