Jäger with the JAG Officer

I had a conversation with Michael a little while ago that reminded me of the talk I had with a military lawyer.

I was a power-hungry little booger in high school and wanted to pursue a career in politics, so I decided to seek out a lawyer for guidance. Naturally, the venue was a bar. With alcohol in our systems, the exchange plunged us into some crazy topics that I typically stay away from since my views seem to be far different from the majority’s. I don’t even post my radical opinions on this blog.

This man put everything on parade with no shame and expected the same of me. He asked me deep, self-searching questions that I found somewhat humiliating to answer. God have mercy on any witness he questions.

JAG Officer: This is why you’d make a terrible politician.

Me: Why?

JAG Officer: Because you wouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.

Me: I think that’s a good thing.

JAG Officer: Maybe for others. Personally, I like to see people like you maim themselves with their own principles and morals. It’s always a real treat to see the mighty fall.

Me: Well at least I don’t mix my Jäger with anything! You’re a monster!

I think it’s safe to say my interpretation of right and wrong may be a bit looser than what they were back in high school.

I’d lie, cheat, and steal if the price was fitting and to my liking. It would have to be worth the sleep I’d lose at night…

But I still don’t mix my Jäger unless if it’s to make Jägerbombs, for when I have a death wish. Savages.

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