Doctor Called Me

I might have cancer. 

I just received a call while drinking wine. Lady said I have a 1/3 chance of having something malignant, and I need further testing. I have an appointment on 26 May to make sure I’m not a dead man walking.

I’m scared. 

I need another drink. 

4 thoughts on “Doctor Called Me

  1. so there’s a 1/3 chance that you have something malignant – that means there’s a 2/3 chance that you don’t. Stay positive and stay healthy (and don’t drink too much wine) x


    1. Thank you. I needed some perspective. I’m so scared right now… I just thought about not doing all the things I wanted to… getting married, having kids… I called my older brother. He tried to make me feel better, but I could tell he was scared. I’m just….frightened. Thank you for your kind words. You give me hope for humanity, and you’ve calmed my soul.

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      1. It’s understandable that you are a little nervous right now, but keep in mind that the odds are in you favour. The chances are that everything is fine, and even if it isn’t the chances are still good for treatment and care. Keep your head up – I have a good feeling about you x

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