The Roommate

I like her. She’s amiable and pleasant. Kendrick is her name.

She makes the place look lived in. Having moved from Korea, I couldn’t bring my pretty, superfluous things (and since I’m broke dick, I haven’t purchased a lot of the necessities; thank god my sister had most of the shit I needed). I’ve lived a pretty minimal life for the past few years, but she makes the apartment feel like it could be home.

A few of my teammates decided to visit me around 2200 (that’s 10:00 PM for you civies), and as per usual, they threw sticks at my window yelling obscenities “YOU SHIT BIRD! LET US IN!” I thought she was gonna flip shit, but she laughed and got along quite well with my buddies, even the drunk one.

Yes, I think I’ll keep her for the time being.

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