Everybody Needs Chipotle

Joe: Are you okay? You seem really fucked up. I sense these things.

Me: I opened up to someone. I thought it would be all right to share a part of me with him. He asked; I told. I thought it was all right.

It wasn’t.

He used it against me. It was a dirty move. I feel dirty. I feel like he snatched a piece of me away.

I don’t think he knows how badly I hurt right now.

This is a deep pain that I’ve worked for a very long time to mend.

Back to square one.

But I’m not faultless. I pushed. He lashed out. Fuck with fire, get burned.

I just… didn’t think I’d get the Tokyo fire bombing dropped on my head.

I deserve this.

Joe: Man, forget about that jerk. He doesn’t matter. You just need a hug from your bro, Joe… and some Chipotle. Everybody needs Chipotle.

Update: I’m over it. Can’t control what other people do or say, and shitty words are written in sand, not stone.

I hope.

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